Rug Cleaning

Each Rug or carpet is actually a Jewel, To you personally and to all of us!

With Crenshaw Services, we all placed love and attention straight into each rug whether it’s old as well as different. We utilize most secure, environmentally friendly, organic items that you could buy.

Comprehensive Washing Procedure

This will give people in order to thoroughly clean ones area rugs, the removal of just about all blotches, unattractive stains, plus ground-in dirt and grime whilst delicately safe guarding even many vulnerable materials.

All of us know that your neighborhood mats are usually very important. That they finished the initial appear of your residence, but, they are often confronted with serious traffic, little one leaks, and in some cases family pet staining.

All kinds of Rugs –

Each Wanting Special Care

Our own encountered technicians possess the distinctive education in addition to knowledge needed to provide a good research into the finest treatments for the rug’s precise interlace, material, in addition to fabric dyes.

Many of us allow every single rug the actual special care and also particular attention it all should continue a long time!


Our firm offers you a quick, convenient support with our rug cleaning approach.

To begin, we pick-up your rug and deliver it to our advanced service facility. We then completely vacuum the rug to loosen dirt and dust particles.

We carry on the approach by bathing your rug inside a revitalizing cure. Our rug specialists use only natural and organic cleaning items.

These products retain the delicacy of the area rug though completely clearing away dirt and spots.

After the pre-conditioning therapy, we wash the rug entirely and dry it uniformly in a climate controlled room. Lastly, we groom it thoroughly and carry out one final check up ahead of bringing it to you.

So whether your rug is Oriental, wool, silk or synthetic, leave it in our effective hands. You’ll not be unsatisfied with the rug cleaning service we give.

Rug Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning, Your Choice!

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